Life is fragile…what matters most?

Devastation has shattered the lives of many like the china that lined the shelves in this china shop in Japan. How fragile and delegate each piece must have been. Beautiful and intact one minute and gone the next by the shaking and rumbling of the earth that was meant to be a secure foundation upon which to build.

Every day is a constant reminder of the fragility of life. Nothing in this life can be trusted as absolute security. And this also should be cause to ponder and prioritize what matters most. As we witness the devastation caused by “natural disaster” nationally and globally, I wonder how much attention is being given to searching for security through “spiritual recovery”. These are the “now” times to seek solace in the Truth— that the SOVEREIGN LORD GOD, the OMNIPOTENT One reigns. Only Jesus the Christ is the sure foundation upon which to build our life and hope. He alone can offer spiritual recovery after life’s destructive forces shatter lives both naturally and spiritually.

What are the destructive forces of life that throws a punch in your direction? Sometimes they are the disasters that shakes us into reality. Sometimes they are the sudden and tragic loss of loved ones. Sometimes they are the crazed violence that visits our homes and on the streets at night. Sometimes they are the diseases that invade our body.

What matters most to you when the fragility of life is realized? Only you can answer.

Utlimately, whenever the destructive forces or natural disasters occur they serve as reminders of what is certain—life is fragile—you may be alive one minute, and gone the next like the china that lined the shelves of the china shop in Japan.

We’re praying for the people of Japan—


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