My heart rejoices- Learning from Hannah’s Prayer

Presents a New Powerful Living Bible Study Series is coming!!!“Learning from Hannah’s Prayer
1 Samuel 2:1-10

Lesson One: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

“My heart rejoices…

Has God ever answered your prayer? Has He answered that specific prayer for the impossible, or even the simplest prayer request?

If so, then you can probably relate to Hannah’s joyful response. Her gladness of heart is a direct result of God answering her prayer for a son (Samuel). She said, “My heart rejoices!” She was so excited that God answered her prayer. When God answers prayer it is cause for you to rejoice.

Hannah acknowledged that she had been weak, but now she acknowledged her strength was in the Lord. Think about the pain, the embarrassment, the ridicule she had endured because she was barren. Peninnah had continuously provoked her. No doubt, Hannah was an emotional basket case. She was disgraced, misunderstood, sad and distressed. She couldn’t eat. Her husband, Elkanah could not bring her satisfaction her with things. His love for her was not enough. Ultimately, she was emotionally weak and fragile (1 Sam. 1:4-10) Nevertheless, she kept praying and believing God to hear and answer her prayer. Her desperation caused her to make a vow to God in exchange for answering her prayer (1 Sam. 1:11).

Now the Lord had answered Hannah’s prayer. Samuel was born, and dedicated to the service of the Lord as she promised (1 Sam. 1:28). Although, a mother’s bond with her baby had been developed, she honored her vow to surrender the child to the Lord. (This is another topic).

When we look closer at Hannah’s prayer of praise it teaches us how we are to respond when God answers our prayers. We must give Him praise, honor and glory as Hannah did.

She realized that she had been made strong in the Lord to go through her season of barrenness. Someone reading this now, I want you to be encouraged…God is giving you strength to endure until the appointed time when He will answer your prayer.

Hannah continued by saying, “I smile at my enemies.” Why? Because her heart rejoiced in God’s rescue (salvation). God delivered her out of her barren situation. No doubt, there was a time when you could not smile at your friends let alone your enemies because you were so distraught and distressed by your situation. BUT GOD! NOW you can smile at your enemies—those who were smiling and laughing at you during your season of barrenness.

Hold fast in your prayers! Your heart will rejoice also because God is working behind the scenes to bring it to pass…to answer your prayers!

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