You have what it takes!

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.   —2 Peter 1:3


Ignorance can be the greatest hindrance that keeps people from living a godly lifestyle—having a personal and intimate relationship with God. Instead of total surrender, many offer excuses as why they cannot live a holy life.  An individual’s ignorance of God will keep them in spiritual bondage, and lead them to believe mediocrity is sufficient, and they can’t be a fulfilled and happy Christian.  Dearly beloved, you have what it takes to master powerful living.  There is more to learn. There is more to receive. There is a place in God that satisfies the longing that lingers in your soul although you have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. And growing in the knowledge of Christ empowers you for life.

 Unfortunately, many believers are discontent, discouraged and depressed because they are ignorant— not knowing what God has freely given them as their possession because they belong to Him. Therefore, they continue living in poverty instead of enjoying the riches of Kingdom life.   

Dearly beloved, you have what it takes to live victoriously.  You are spiritually prepared because your salvation came with a benefits package—everything you need that are “requisite and suited” to life.  It’s time to stop living beneath your privilege if you’re in the Kingdom of God.  Sure, you will face challenges in life, but when you know what you have and who you belong to, you will be triumphant through Christ Jesus our Lord in spite of what life brings your way. Knowledge of your spiritual inheritance is critical to the abundant life Christ promised (John 10:10).

 Think about this in the natural. For example, your father left you a million dollars but you don’t know; you are broke, and you believe that you are broke.  Guess what?  You are not really broke; you just don’t know you have money. However, since you are ignorant of what you have been given your situation remains the same and you still believe you are broke even though you have a million dollars.  Because of your ignorance (not knowing), you continue living in poverty, beneath your means because you don’t know what you have from your daddy—$1,000,000,000.

Likewise, the above scripture declares that EVERYTHING we need to live a godly life has been given to us by God’s divine power.  In essence, God has given you His divine power so that you can be empowered to live an abundant (rich and satisfying) life that pleases Him.  But this divine awareness is only realized through your personal and intimate relationship with Him.  You will know what you have as you get to KNOW him through life experience, by spending time with Him in prayer, and studying the Word, then everything that He has given you will began springing forth; and will empower you with desire to live a victorious life.  You are empowered to live in obedience to His Word.  You will be humbled and appreciative of His goodness and mercy.  You will desire to give Him glory. You will delight to be in His presence and let Him satisfy your life with good pleasure.  Oh! How we delight in Him and give Him the glory that is due His name alone.

It is my prayer that 2011 be the year that you realize that God has already given you everything you need to live for Him.  Be steadfast. Live a godly life by drawing closer to God and He promised to draw closer to you. Let there be no excuses for living ungodly in 2011.  There is nothing greater than knowing God. Don’t let your ignorance of Him hinder you from becoming all that He has predestined for you.  Get to know Him personally and intimately in 2011.


2 thoughts on “You have what it takes!

  1. I loved this. I think mediocrity is one of the greatest dangers to the Christian life today. So many people settle for less than what God intended them to be. We need to be in the Word and claim the promises that our Father has made to us.



    • Thank you, Stacy for your comment. It is my sincere prayer that God’s people come into the knowledge of what God has provided for us, invested in us, and wants to accomplish through us.

      Blessings to you, and may God’s favor surround you like shield!


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