God is on our side!

Oh, how I love the word of God.  I have put my hope in God’s word; therefore, it is my comfort in sorrow.  It is my strength in weakness.  It is my light in darkness. It is my song of victory!

 Do you recall how it made you feel when you knew someone was on your side?  A more modern term now is “got your back.” There’s a sense of boldness, defiance, and confidence that escalates when you know someone’s got your back, and you don’t have to face the enemy alone. 

 I recall my school days when occasionally I’d get into an altercation with a peer.  Thankfully, it was not a way of life for me.  Nevertheless, it was the seldom occasion that being an only child was a disadvantage.  However, I did have an ally that I could depend on.  I knew my cousin, Joe, was on my side, and was well able to throw a good punch in my defense.

Usually after-school showdowns were planned in advance.  Advance planning allowed for a build up of assurance and confidence as well. It helped you to prepare mentally.  Although this was many years ago, I still recall the positive affect that having support had on me when facing a challenging encounter.

 Consequently, when I read Psalm 124, I could easily relate to how the Israelites could prepare themselves mentally and emotionally for worship.  What an assurance to know that God is on our side.  This particular song was one that the Israelites sang as they made their pilgrimage to the temple centuries ago. Yet, it is relevant today.

These are difficult times, and yet glorious times for the people of God.   How reassuring it is to know that God is on our side.  God’s got your back! We don’t have to face the enemy alone.  He has provided an arsenal for defense, and a physical location that we can gather to be restored, or regroup, and refuel to continue walking in purpose and pursuing destiny.

 Ah! The Temple. The Church House. The House of Prayer. The Sanctuary. God’s house. The local assembly…. Or, whatever you choose to call it.  It should be the place where Christians gather—the Church—the “called out” gather in one place with one purpose—to experience the Presence of God.  It is the place where “like-minded” people of faith come to give thanks and praise to their God for being on our side, and not allowing the enemy, or the storms of life overtake us.

 Each week, as we prepare for the Sabbath Day of worship, we should plan in advance through meditation, prayer and devotion, and private worship.  And when we meet our sisters and brothers, we will be ready…having one mind; assembled for one purpose—a corporate worship experience as we reflect on the goodness and faithfulness of our God saying with one voice, “If the LORD had not been on our side…Praise be to the LORD! Our help is from the LORD, who made the heavens and the earth.


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