God’s Timing is Perfect!

I recall the saying, “He may not come when you want Him, but He’s always on time.”

Although this truth is revealed throughout the Bible, the avalanche of emotional occurrences in our lives cause us to sometimes question the timeliness of God’s intervention in our affairs when we ask Him.

However, even facing the tumult of challenges, difficulties and trials, which often comes upon the Christian, I’m learning that women really do hold a special place in the heart of God.  He understands everything about us—our personality, how we think, our needs, our concerns, our dreams, our hurts and disappointments—He especially understands our faults and weaknesses.  Yet, He is always compassionate toward us.  His tenderness of heart is manifested in the lives of women who often struggle with emotional instability when dealing with the challenges of life.

When I consider the passage of Scripture recorded in Luke 7:11-16, this level of compassion is demonstrated to highest dimension—resurrection of a dead son. Wow!

Let’s consider how the death of this son affected the economical and emotional well being of this mother. Luke makes it clear that ‘he was the only son of his mother (v.12). In accordance with the manners and customs of that day, it was the desire of both the mother and father to have a boy rather than a girl.  Boys were desired to increase the size, wealth and importance of the family clan.  Since this was an only son, the possibility of the family increasing was hopeless.  Any hope or dreams for an inheritance died with this son. Consequently, the economical situation of this woman changed.

Luke also states that this woman was a widow.  The father was the supreme authority in the household. When there was a son in the household, the authority which the father had was handed down to his eldest, who took over the position of leadership upon the death of the father.  Consequently, this family structure changed with the death of the father. Now, the one that had assumed responsibility and leadership for the household was now dead, and he was the only son.  Consequently, the weight of her inner turmoil, burdens, grief and pain were manifested on her countenance.  In modern day, this situation would merit the questions such as, what am I going to do now? How am I going make it?   Reading and believing what Jesus did for her encourages us today—Jesus will fix it for you!

How encouraging is this passage of Scripture to those of us who face death everyday, whether the physical death of children, parents, loved ones, friends, or dead dreams, and visions, or hopeless situations.  We must remember that the Lord Jesus sees our broken hearts and the same compassion that He had on this mother He has on us.  His compassions never fail (Lam. 3:21-22) because He is faithful!

In the case of death, the dead may not be raised physically, but if they belong to Him they will be raised in the last day.  Even in our grief, sorrow and brokenness, His touch will revive our spirit so that we continue in His strength in spite of emotional upheaval in our lives. His touch still resurrects dead dreams and makes them reality.

As we embrace the greater challenges in these last days, what is being carried out of your life because it’s dead? What are you about to bury? Don’t give up; don’t bury it yet because God’s timing is inconceivable.  Think about it! It was no coincidence that Jesus showed up in the village of Nain just at the time this dead son was being carried out. What perfect timing!

It may seem as though you can’t take anymore disappointments, or hurts. He knows your emotional state concerning that son or daughter that seems hopelessly lost. He is concerned about your financial situation. He is aware of your needs, and He is available to comfort you like no one else can.  You sense His tenderness when you get into His presence; you feel the softness of His touch like a warmth that surrounds you but you can’t explain. When He speaks unsurpassing peace saturates your mind to point of no understanding.  Today, He is waiting to say arise to whatever is dead in your life.  And when He speaks to that dead thing in your life, it has to resurrect because He is the resurrection and the life (John 11:25).  It will be in perfect timing so that God will be glorified, and His name will be exalted in the earth.

As you face your challenging experiences, you too will learn that He may not come when you think He should, but for certain, He will be right on time because His timing is perfect!

©2017 Queen E. Phillips. All rights reserved. Use for non-profit only. Credit must be given to the copyright owner.


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